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  Head extrusion machine, there are two, one is free to the nose, eccentric adjustment-free; other is adjustable nose, adjustable eccentricity Here are some adjustable head extruder eccentric reasons. and correction methods:
  The eccentric causes are:QQ截图20150922013551.jpg
  1 dies not adjust
  2 die wear
  3 wrong mold, mold is too large
  4 core, die sets the distance is too large
  5 extruder nose uneven temperature
  6. nose clogged with impurities
  1 alignment mold, the mold with the core
  2 Replace the mold
  Press the extrusion machines to process requirements, according to the diameter size of the selected mode
  4. the core, die sets raised a suitable location
  5. appropriate increase in head temperature
  6 clean up the nose

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