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Tanzanian customers visited our company three times and reached cooperation with us

In December 2018, Tanzanian customers visited our company and got a preliminary understanding of the basic situation of our company.

In 2019, Tanzanian customers came back to our company twice to discuss further business cooperation matters . Through comprehensive considerations and comparisons with other suppliers in China, the customers reached an cooperation with us eventually.

The total value of the products we dealt with reaches 15 million RMB .The specific products are shown below.

(1)2 large drawing machines

(2)5 medium drawing  machines

(3)2 small drawing mahcines

(4)6 extrusion machines of 80 + 35 type

(5)1 extrusion machines of 90 type

(6)1 extrusion machines of 100 type

(7)1 extrusion machines of 120 type

(8)1 extrusion machines of 150 type

(9) 1 cantilever single Twisting machine of 1000mm2

(10)1 Bow-type stranding machine

(11)1 rigid frame standing machine of 630 type

(12)1 tubular stranding machine of 630 type

(13)1 Cradle type cable laying up machine of 1250 type

(14)1 Cradle type cable laying up machine of 1600 type

(15)500 wire coils of 630mm2

(16)300 wire coils of 800mm2

(17)50 wire coils of 1000mm2

(18)50 wire coils of 1250mm2

(19)20 wire coils of 1600mm2

(20)20 wire coils of 2000mm2

(21)20 wire coils of 2500mm2


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