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Drum twister cabling machine

SEMIAUTOMATIC TWISTER MACHINE  is an ideal device for twisting of CABLES

Available models of Drum Twister cabling Machine:

Model DT2500 DT3150 DT3600
Maximum laying up OD(mm) 20-120 25-130 25-130
Maximum cross-section(mm²) 50 30 30
Laying up pitch Step-less, adjustable Step-less, adjustable Step-less, adjustable
Maximum linear speed(RPM) 50 40 40
Maximum haul off force-Standard(KN) 3000 3000 3000
Maximum haul off force-With 96pcs steel wire armoring(KN) 5000 6000 6000
Non-metallic taping device-Maximum speed(RPM) 500 500 500
Non-metallic taping device-Taping pitch(mm) Step-less, adjustable Step-less, adjustable Step-less, adjustable
Non-metallic taping device-Taping reel 600X80 600X80 600X80
Non-metallic taping device-Taping width(mm) 15-80 15-80 15-80
Metallic taping device-Maximum speed(mm) 300 300 300
Metallic taping device-Taping pitch Step-less, adjustable Step-less, adjustable Step-less, adjustable
Metallic taping device-Taping reel(mm) Φ800XΦ200 Φ800XΦ200 Φ800XΦ200
Metallic taping device-Steel Tape width(mm) 15-60 15-60 15-60
Central pay off(mm) PN2000-2500 PN2500-3150 PN2500-3600
Pay off stand(mm) PN1250-1600 PN1600-2000 PN2000-2500
Take up drum head size(mm) PN2000-2500 PN2500-3150 PN2500-3600
Steel wire armoring specification PND500 PND500-630 PND500-630
Main motor power(KW) 45 55 75
Central payoff stand motor power(KW) 22 45 55
Payoff stand motor power(KW) 15 15 18.5
Traversing stand motor power(KW) 2.2 2.2 2.2
Take up stand motor power(KW) 5.5(2units) 5.5(2units) 7.5(2units)
Central height(mm) 1000 1000 1000


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