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Drum Twister Machine

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Product Usage:

This series of equipment is mainly used for twisted composite cables of large section and large length power cables. It can be used for twisted composite cables of round or fan-shaped cores, and can also be used for steel strips, steel wire armor or copper wire shields.


Equipment composition:

Rotary pay-off frame, wire device, wire guide bar, filling frame, wire laying frame, wire-mounted boring head, doubling die holder, wrapping device, rotary pneumatic traction, coiled wire take-up frame, transmission system and electrical systems.


Technical Parameter:

Model JPD-2500 JPD-3150
Take-Up Bobbins PN2500 PN3150
Outer Diameter of Cable (mm) 120 130
Cable Pitch (mm) 111-9298
Metal Nonmetal Wrapping Speed (r/min) 132-478
Pitch (mm) 19-250
Band Width (mm) 20-60
Twist Speed (R/min) 30 21
Outgoing Speed (m/min) 50 9.1-33


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