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Physical Foaming Coaxial Cable Extrusion Line

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Physical Foaming Coaxial Cable Extrusion Line


Apply to produce low consumption,long life-span physical foam polyethylene insulation

application fine coaxial cable,special wire cable,communication cable and data cable etc.

Especially suitable for small coaxial cable production.


Product characters

Suitable to CATV,RG,SYWV,JIS series physics foaming machine production solid extrusion.

Suitable material:FM-PE,PE.

Foaming limit:the imported high-pressure nitrogen system(Max):78%,the low pressure nitrogen


Quality control:provides the outer diameter an the electrical capacity examination equipment,

entire journey control product outside diameter,foaming limit etc craft parameter.

Handpiece::provides physics foaming the specialized application handpiece.

Electrical control:import dual-conversion+touches screen to control.




Machine modelZY-WE-30+70+40ZY-WE-20+35+20ZY-WE-30+80+40
Applied materialApply to FE-PE,PE material,after change screw rod can apply
Conduct diameter(mm)Φ0.5-2.27Φ0.2-0.8Φ2.5-3.0
Finished wire diameter(mm)Φ3-14Φ3.0-1.5Φ12-30
Foam degreeMax:82%(high-pressure)
Power380V,3Phase 4line,45KW380V,3Phase 4line,25KW380V,3Phase 4line,55KW






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