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Power cable extrusion line

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Power cable extrusion line



It is fit for proportion of wire such as power line insulating coat electrical cable.


Device element

It is made up of line pulling set ,main motor,main controlling cabinet,cooling sink,pulling

machine,sparkling machine.You can select printer,diameter-testing instrument,PLC controlling,

two belt pulling.varity of no axis drawing machine.



Machine modelZY-WE-90ZY-WE-100ZY-WE-120ZY-WE-150
Pay-off line typeDouble axes way /max axes waymax axes way
Pay-off bobbin size(mm)630-800/1250630-800/16001600-20002500-3150
Screw diameter(mm)Φ90Φ100Φ120Φ150
L/D of screw25:1BM type25:1BM type25:1 type25:1 type
Extrusion capacity(kg/hr)280350400600
Main unit power50HP70HP100HP150HP
Wire spec.(mm)Φ3-25Φ5-40Φ50-80Φ60-120
Cooling deviceSingle layer U type
Capstan power7.5HP10HP15HP20HP
Wire speed(m/m)MAX200MAX200MAX150MAX100
Take-up line typeDouble axes way /max axes waymax axes way


Spare Parts Brands:
Motor: Dongguan Motor , Teco, ABB, Siemens
Inverter : Japan Yaskawa, Siemens, Taiwan Teco
Temperature Control Meter: Japan RKC;
Auxiliary Relay: Japan Omron ;
Ammeter and Voltmeter: Taiwan Risesun ;
Indicator, Switch and Button: Taiwan TEND ;
Contactor: Taiwan Shihlin
Line Speed Meter: Taiwan FOTEK/Yangming
Bearing : NSK, SKF







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