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Silicon Gel Cable Extrusion Line

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Silicon Gel Cable Extrusion Line


1.PLC+Touching screen operation,complete control,adjust,monitoring production process parameters.

2.Special silicon screw,screw chamber,machine head,dies to protect inside vulcanize structure.

3.Special silicon auto machine heat set and auto or manual cooling system.

4.Equip with precision testing feedback system to ensure OD precision so as to reduce he cost.




Machine modelZY-WE-50ZY-WE-70ZY-WE-80ZY-WE-90
Main motor power(HP)10203050
Extrusion volume(kg/h)3060150250
Screw diameter(mm)Φ45Φ65Φ90Φ115
L/D of screw12:112:114:114:1
Wire pay-off tray(mm)Φ300-400Φ400-630Φ1000-1250Φ1250-1600
Wire pay-off diameter(mm)0.2-3.00.3-5.05.0-506-65
Finished OD(mm)0.8-5.01.8-8.09.0-6010-75
Vulcanize length(M)12162428
Heater power3zone,36kw3zone,48kw6zone,72kw6zone,84kw
Traction motor power(kw)347.511
Production speed(m/min)6-806-804-404-40



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