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Optical fiber wire machine 12core

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Optical fiber wire machine 12core


1,machine for fiber optical cable
2,secondary coating
3,PC+PLC control
4,single screw
5,12 cores

1,Equipment application :

the optic fiber cable secondary coating machine mainly applied in the extrusion of 2-12 cores oil-filled fiber or 4-12*12 cores fiber loose tube,and the extrusion of ¢1.5mm-5.0mm optical fiber fillers.



a,screw type:single screw

b,screw dia:50mm

c, the machine use IPC+PLC control system,main electric parts are importing,
screw adopt the modern latest technology.

d, convenient operation, long service life.


3.Technical parameters:

cores No of optical fiber12 cores
Pay-off tension of optical fiber0.4-1.5N±0.05N
Specification of optical fiber pay-off reelsø236×ø160×ø108
stranding angle± 340
hoter water temperature75°c ± 2 °c
take-up tension2.5-6.5N
production speed5-250m/min(ø2.0mmPBT tube bundling),5-180m/min(ø3.0mmPBT tube bundling)
excess control0-3‰ ± 0.2 ‰
error of measuring meter<1 ‰
specification of take-up reelsPN800mm
fiber excess attenuation<0.02db/km
uniformity of excess length± 0.2 ‰










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