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Fine Teflon Extrusion Line

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Fine Teflon Extrusion Line


Fine Teflon Extrusion Line is designed for FEP/PFA/ETFE/TEFLON.the line is consists with

tension pay-off stand,preheater,extrusion host ,cooling trough,haul-off device,

take-up,control system,to operate simple and safely,besides,all part use well-known brand,

It ensure precision and stable quality.



Extrusion materialCoaxial cableCoaxial cableRGB178
Applicable wire sizeΦ0.025Φ0.03Φ0.86
Finished outer diameterΦ0.20Φ0.25Φ1.08
Line speed(meter/minute)5080300
Consumption of power(kw)152025


Spare Parts Brands:
Motor: Dongguan Motor , Teco, ABB, Siemens
Inverter : Japan Yaskawa, Siemens, Taiwan Teco
Temperature Control Meter: Japan RKC;
Auxiliary Relay: Japan Omron ;
Ammeter and Voltmeter: Taiwan Risesun ;
Indicator, Switch and Button: Taiwan TEND ;
Contactor: Taiwan Shihlin
Line Speed Meter: Taiwan FOTEK/Yangming
Bearing : NSK, SKF

Consisting Components:
1,double-shaft pay-off rack
2,straightener platform
3,main extruder
4,automatic dryer and hopper
5,electric apparatus main control cabinet
6,Double layer movable trough
7,laser diameter gauge or Digital Diameter controller
8,high speed printing machine
9,double-wheels capstan
10,Meter counter
11,horizontal type wire-accumulator
12,power frequency sparker
13,double-shaft take-up machine


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