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Irradiation Rubber Vulcanize Extrusion Line

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Irradiation Rubber Vulcanize Extrusion Line


Chose the product with the advantage of ultra low-cost equipment,low-cost factory,enhance efficiency and more

environment friendly.


Production technology

Environment radiation rubber wire and cable materials→radiation rubber extrude

→set of core line →radiation rubber sheath extrude→radiation curing→finished product


New radiation rubber wire and cable extrusion product enter into marker of this machine make the rubber

production line is no longer unattainable.No need huge money to purchase large equipment and boilers,no need

large production plant,only a small investment in equipment manufacturing like PVC wire you can make high

standards,and more environmentally friendly rubber wire and cable(lower production costs than conventional

curing 25%).


Products fully comply with UL,VDE request,as long as you have shot irradiation factory nearby,you can select

bold,we will provide equipment and technology to provide counseling and materials to solve all your worries.

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Mainly apply to rubber wire cable production,can separately complete single layer insulation wire cable,double layer

extrusion wire,color strip cable and double parallel line wire cable insulation layer or jacket extrusion and continuous





Machine modelZY-WE-50ZY-WE-70ZY-WE-90ZY-WE-100ZY-WE-120ZY-WE-150
Diameter before ext(mm)Φ0.5-3Φ1-5Φ3-15Φ5-20Φ12-36Φ20-60
Diameter after extrusion(mm)Φ2-5Φ3-10Φ5-25Φ8-25Φ15-42Φ26-70
Screw (rpm)605050403030
Length-diameter ratio(L/D)18:118:118:118:118:118:1
Extrusion capacity(kg/hr)50100250300400550
Main power(HP)20406075100185
Traction wire speed(m/min)150120100806040
Vulcanize tube length(m)1201201001009090


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